All Labour is offering on Brexit is more confusion

In response to news that delegates at Labour conference have sided with Jeremy Corbyn and refused to back staying in the EU, Dawn Barnes, Councillor and Lib Dem parliamentary campaigner for Hornsey & Wood Green, said that:

“We know that after all the uncertainty Brexit has created, people want clarity. Yet this week definitively proves all Labour will offer is more confusion.

“Corbyn has happily taken the votes of remainers, but he is desperate not to give us a voice. Only the Liberal Democrats have a clear commitment to Stop Brexit by revoking Article 50 if we win an election.”

Tammy Palmer, councillor and Lib Dem parliamentary campaigner Tottenham, said that:

“It is shocking that Tottenham Labour actively campaigned for Corbyn's pro-Brexit position. Three-quarters of voters in our constituency voted remain in the 2016 referendum. The Labour party simply isn’t representing us.

“It would be easy for Lib Dems to crow about Labour’s ridiculous decision today. It’s certainly going to make my life easier on the doorstep, but an opposition that won’t oppose, refuses to support 80% of its members and decides to essentially take us out of the EU is a tragedy. However, it is not the end of the fight to stop Brexit. I hope that the Labour remainers who’ve been let down so badly, know they will be welcomed into the Liberal Democrats, if they make that choice”.

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