Calls for random checks on care following Dispatches investigation into poor care for the elderly

Following the joint investigation by The Sunday Times and Dispatches, the poor standard of care suffered by some elderly individuals was uncovered in Haringey.

Cllr Pippa Connor

The poor care was documented on Channel 4 in the latest edition of Dispatches.
Cllr Pippa Connor, Haringey Lib Dem Health Spokesperson, comments:
"With more care being carried out by private providers, such as Sevacare, there needs to be an independent body to do random spot checks on a regular basis in order to address poor quality care quickly, not just wait for the CQC inspection to identify poor care.
"Haringey Council has a duty to safeguard any vulnerable individual. Those elderly residents who need care and don't know how to complain, or can't complain, about any poor care they receive, are those who need the most protection and support.

"From last night's report, it appeared that neither the relatives nor the people being cared for, knew how to complain about the care they received. If this is the case, then this is worrying and I would like to see a clear ‘duty of care’ identifying the individualised care each person should receive along with a phone number for an independent body they can complain to if this does not happen."

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