Consultation deadline iminent for proposed amendments to on street parking permits

Active holders of parking permits in Haringey will have recently received an email about proposed changes by the Labour-run council to on street parking permits and charges, that will see an increase in visitor parking costs of over 125%, with carers potentially having to pay an additional £100 to park.

The "consultation" on these proposals, which were published on the 2nd February, but only circulated to residents by email a fortnight later, will close this Friday, the 23rd February.

We are disappointed that Haringey Council has once again failed to properly consult and engage with residents on widespread changes that will affect thousands of people daily.

The proposed changes will also see the limit on the number of visitor permits removed, potentially opening up the opportunity for residents to buy and sell permits, turning the borough into a giant park-and-ride for commuters to central London, and will require all permits to be used within the calendar year of which they were purchased, with the option of refunds scrapped entirely, causing more concern for residents.

Your local Lib Dems have submitted objections (link 1 and link 2) to these ill-thought-through proposals that will likely see an increase in private vehicle travel across, what is already, one of the most polluted boroughs in the UK.

If you would like to lodge your objections or submit comments on the changes you can email

To view the full proposals, including how the new charges are applied, changes to the length of permits, and affects on concessions please click the following link, and then click on "Proposed Parking Charges (ZIP. 66KB)":

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