Highgate Library relocation plans scrapped

Councillor Clive Carter outside Highgate Library

The Liberal Democrats welcome the news that the proposed plans to move Highgate Library into Jackson's Lane Arts Centre have been withdrawn, having been deemed not viable.

A feasibility study analysing the plans concluded that the anticipated return from the sale of the existing library site would not be sufficient to cover a new library, and that Jackson's Lane Arts Centre may see a decrease in revenue due to the space they would lose to accommodate the library.

Having argued from the beginning that the plan was flawed, and not in the best interests of the people of Highgate or Jackson's Lane, we are delighted to see these plans scrapped. However it is disappointing that it took £24,000 of taxpayers money in wasted fees by the Labour-run Haringey Council to reach this same conclusion.

We congratulate the local community and campaigners for saving Highgate Library and keeping it in its historic home, but the Liberal Democrats campaign to protect libraries across Haringey, will not stop with this announcement. We are supporting the Save Hari campaign to save Haringey's children's librarians, and call on others to join by following this link.

Jackson's Lane Arts Centre have also secured a £165,780 development grant from Arts Council England, which will allow new plans to be drawn up for modernising the venue, and safeguarding it's future as a leading cultural centre here in Haringey. You can see more info on the grant and the withdrawal of plans at this link.

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