Hornsey Town Hall - Labour approve planning application


Last night Haringey's Labour councillors showed their contempt for local residents, and voted to approve the planning application for Hornsey Town Hall by the Cayman Islands-based company Far East Consortium.

Having raised a number of issues around the proposal during the evening, I am pleased that the Lib Dem councillors chose to represent our community and vote against the proposal, but sadly their voice wasn't enough. That is why we need more Lib Dem councillors in Haringey; so we can stop this Labour-run council, that simply does not listen to the very people it is there to represent.

As I sat in the gallery, watching the eloquent, informed and passionate local residents speaking on behalf of a number of opposition groups, there was a real feeling that sense might prevail, and the 600+ people that sent in objections and 7,000+ that signed petitions would be listened to.

Sadly, despite planning committee councillors questioning a number of holes in the proposal, all Labour councillors on the planning committee decided to vote in favour. In favour of a proposal that does not deliver the number of council, social or affordable homes we need in Haringey. And does not deliver a design of the size, scale or appearance that would be in-keeping with the Crouch End conservation area.

In May next year, you will be given the opportunity to make your voices heard once more and vote to elect who you want to represent you on the council over the coming four years. A period of time that will require your local councillors to ensure the Town Hall delivers for our community, and to keep the developers - FEC, in check. Crouch End needs the right people for that.

I, alongside my fellow candidates Dawn Barnes, and Tammy Palmer, arestanding as your Lib Dem candidates for Crouch End because we want to make this area a better place. A place crafted and determined by you, and where people are listened to, not ignored. If elected at next year's local elections we promise to represent you - the community. If you want a better Crouch End, then I hope you will give us the opportunity to do so.

Best wishes,

Luke Cawley-Harrison



Luke Cawley-Harrison
Liberal Democrat candidate for Crouch End

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