Hornsey Town Hall Petition

Honrsey Town Hall


This petition has now closed following the planning decision by the Labour-run Haringey Council. Read more about this here.


We, the undersigned, object to the planning application for Hornsey Town Hall (planning reference HGY/2017/2220) on the following grounds:

  • The residential blocks are still too high at 7 storeys
  • There will only be 11 affordable homes, not the 59 there should be under the Labour-run council’s target of 40% affordable homes
  • The affordable homes are being underwritten by the Labour-run council with the £3.5m received from the lease for the site
  • More public transport needs and local amenities to be provided, e.g. increase in buses to cope with the additional residents and visitors to the hotel
  • The design and scale is out of keeping with a conservation area
  • Homes backing on to the site will be overlooked and lose light
  • The commitment to public access to the Hall and Green is not strong enough

We also call on the Labour Cabinet to ensure that affordable homes on the site are provided at the expense of the wealthy developer FEC.

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