Hours left to keep Muswell Hill Library

There are only a few hours left to stop the Labour-run council moving Muswell Hill Library out of its historic home. 

Lib Dem cllrs and campaigners at Muswell Hill Library

The Lib Dems urge you to respond to the consultation and select option 1 to keep our library. We also urge you to use the comment/reason box to demand a third option of improving the library in its current location.

The Labour-run council’s consultation finishes today (25th August) and only gives two options to local residents:

1. Leave the library in the current location, with no improvements.
2. Move the library to a space in the ‘Green Man’ development (56 Muswell Hill)

The Lib Dems believe that a third option, to improve the current library and install a lift, should be considered in the consultation. The Friends of Muswell Hill Library are also campaigning for this too.

If the Lib Dems were running the council we would sell part of the land at the back of the current library to pay for a small extension including a lift and toilets. (Any money councils raise from the sale of buildings can only be used on other buildings or one-off projects, legally they cannot be used for services like running a day care centre).

If you agree with us, please respond to the consultation by clicking here, select option 1 and use the comment/reason box to push for a third option of improving the current, historic library.

Kind regards,

Viv Ross and Pippa Connor
Lib Dem Councillors for Fortis Green and Muswell Hill

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