It's the Lib Dems or Labour (Lewisham

It's the Lib Dems or Labour in Lewisham

Lewisham has been let down by Labour. It's time to send them a strong message in this one-off election. But remember...



Conservatives 100/1 outsiders in Lewisham

Source: Ladbrokes, 28 May 2018

As 100/1 outsiders in this election, the Conservatives have crashed out of the race.

The only way to get an independent-minded MP is to vote for Lucy Salek and the Lib Dems. A Labour MP will just do what they're told by Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour have failed Lewisham families time and again...


Lewisham's Labour Council is failing to improve our secondary schools. They must do more to ensure our children get the best start in life and that hard-working teachers get the support they need.


The Labour Council have stood by while fly-tipping and littering has sky-rocketed in Lewisham. We deserve to live in an area we can be proud of. Labour have let us down.


Labour and the Conservatives have failed to tackle rising crime in London. Knife crime in particular is getting worse every day. Local families are paying the price of Labour police cuts.

Remember, The Conservatives can't win here and Labour don't deserve to. But there is an alternative... Lucy Salek and the Liberal Democrats


Voting Conservative only let's Labour in.

The only way to stop Labour winning another MP is to vote Liberal Democrat on the 14th June.

The Conservatives are 100/1 outsiders in this election; it's a two-horse race between the Lib Dems and Labour.

  1. To stop a failing Labour...
  2. and get the local champion Lewisham needs...
  3. vote Lucy Salek

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