Labour infighting costs Haringey taxpayers’ £25k a year

At the Annual Council meeting in Tottenham Town Hall on Monday evening (22nd May), Haringey’s Labour councillors voted to increase the number of Cabinet positions from 8 to 9, at a cost of £25,000 a year to local taxpayers. The Liberal Democrat councillors voted against the move and said Labour infighting had led to the extra spending.

Haringey’s Labour Leader decided to appoint an additional Labour Cabinet member, who will be paid a special allowance of £25,000 a year, following the shock announcement that Labour rebel Cllr Joe Ejiofor had been elected Deputy Leader of the Labour Group. Cllr Ejiofor has signed several call-ins which have asked for reviews of the Labour Cabinet’s decisions.

It is understood that Cllr Ejiofor beat the outgoing Labour Deputy Leader Cllr Vanier in a secret vote. However, the Labour Leader has decided to keep Cllr Vanier in the Cabinet even though having both Cllr Vanier and Cllr Ejiofor in the Cabinet would mean creating an extra Cabinet position at a cost of £25,000 a year.

The Liberal Democrats have criticised Labour’s decision to spend the cash on an extra Cabinet position for a local Labour politician.

Cllr Gail Engert, Haringey Lib Dem Leader, comments:

“It is shocking that Labour’s infighting will end up costing Haringey taxpayers £25,000 a year. Liberal Democrats opposed the extra money being spent on yet another position for a Labour politician. This money would be far better spent on services for the residents of the borough. Labour say there is no money for services, well my question to them is what services will you cut to pay for this extra Labour Cabinet post?"


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