Labour-run Haringey replaced just 1 council home sold under Right-to-Buy in 2 years

 Lib Dem campaigners and councillors campaigning with Caroline Pidgeon AM for more council homes to be built

Labour-run Haringey Council replaced just one council home sold off under Right-to-Buy since 2015, analysis by the Liberal Democrats has revealed. Haringey had the sixth worst record in London. The Labour-run authority only replaced one of the 297 homes bought by council tenants under the Right-to-Buy scheme between April 2015 and March 2017.

In contrast, the Lib Dem-run London Borough of Sutton has replaced all of the 100 council homes lost to Right-to-Buy and built nine extra council homes since 2015. Local Lib Dem councillors have called on Labour to follow Sutton’s example and build more council homes.

Nationally, the Liberal Democrats are calling on the Conservative government to reform Right-to-Buy and ensure all affordable homes sold are replaced.

In total 6,665 council homes in London have been sold off since April 2015, official figures show, while just 1,867 have been built under the Conservative government's replacement scheme.

Cllr Gail Engert, Haringey Lib Dem Leader of the Opposition, commented:

"Haringey’s Labour-run council has a very poor record and has only just started building new council homes following a Lib Dem campaign for 100 new council homes to be built.

“But the Conservative Government also needs to act, they must reform Right-to-Buy and provide more funding so all council homes that are sold are replaced. This would ensure more councils follow the example of Lib Dem-run Sutton Council, which has built more council homes than they lost under right-to-buy.
“Local authorities and housing associations should also be given more freedom to borrow money to build the social housing London needs.”

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