Lib Dem motion calls on council to oppose Government policy on housing association homes

Haringey Lib Dems have submitted a motion calling on the council to oppose the forced sell-off of council housing to pay for the Right-to-Buy scheme for housing association tenants

The motion will be discussed at the next meeting of Haringey Council on Monday 20th July. 

The Labour Leader of Haringey Council has previously described the proposals by the Conservative Government to extend Right-to-Buy as ‘counterproductive’.

The Lib Dems believe the council needs to go further and oppose the Conservative Government’s policy as the proposals to extend the Right-to-Buy to housing association tenants will be paid for by selling off the highest valued council homes.

In Haringey this could lead to the sale of 149 council homes in the first five years of the policy.

Cllr Dave Beacham, Haringey Lib Dem Housing spokesperson comments:

"There are currently 9,200 households on the council housing waiting list in Haringey– we desperately need more affordable homes, we certainly can’t afford to lose any. That’s why we believe the Labour-run council needs to go further and oppose the Government policy on housing associations homes.

"Extending the Right-to-Buy for Housing Associations will also cost billions – money which could be far better spent on building truly affordable housing that Britain needs.

“The Lib Dems are in favour of home ownership but not at the cost of reducing affordable rented property which will push far more people into unaffordable private rental housing and would then push up the housing benefit bill, meaning a double whammy for tax payers.

“The Conservative Government should look at shared ownership or the ‘Rent to Own’ scheme put forward by the Liberal Democrats instead.”


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