Lib Dems respond to Hornsey Town Hall planning amendment

Hornsey Town Hall - Crouch End

I was shocked to read that Labour-run council are prepared to underwrite the £3.5m cost of 11 affordable homes on the new development at the back of Hornsey Town Hall and haven’t insisted the wealthy developer FEC provides them.

Whilst 11 affordable homes are certainly better than none, as originally proposed, it is nowhere near the 40% affordable housing target that the Labour-run council is supposed to be getting. That target would have given 59 affordable homes in the centre of Crouch End, not 11.

The negotiations between the council and FEC should have been far stronger, with affordable housing a must. The fact that the FEC have now been told by the council that if they don't budge during the planning application from their 0% affordable housing offer the council will pay £3.5m for 11 homes, is no incentive for the FEC to provide any affordable homes at all!

FEC will surely be making a substantial profit from the sale of the other 135 homes on the site and from the development of the apartment hotel. Does the Labour Cabinet seriously believe FEC can’t afford to build any affordable homes?

When this comes to the Planning Committee in December, local people should be asking the Labour Cabinet Member to insist on affordable homes paid for by the FEC, so that the local taxpayer does not pick up the bill whilst the developer picks up the profit.

If you agree, please sign our petition, which we will be presenting in December:

Yours sincerely

Cllr Pippa Connor

Lib Dem Muswell Hill ward

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