Liberal Democrats criticise road sign error

Local Liberal Democrat councillors have this week asked how much Haringey Council has spent correcting road signs after it emerged that a sign in Fortis Green ward is incorrect.


The brand new sign on Fortis Green Road has been reported to the Labour-run Haringey council, as the sign is missing the word 'Road'. The sign is also confusing as there is a nearby road that is just called 'Fortis Green'.

The Lib Dems have requested the cost of all changes in signs for the last five years due to such errors. There have been several incidents of misspelt or incorrect signs over the last decade in Haringey:

•         2010 local Lib Dems spotted the sign for 'Pellatt Grove' in Woodside ward was spelled incorrectly

•         June 2007 Liberal Democrats in Harringay ward revealed that the Council failed to spell 'Harringay Passage' correctly.

•         Haringey Council even spelled 'councillor' incorrectly on car parking spaces outside the Civic Centre in Wood Green in 2008

Martin Newton, Liberal Democrat councillor for Fortis Green Ward, comments:

"It may seem like a small thing but getting this road sign wrong is a reflection of the poor service local residents currently have from Labour-run Haringey Council.

“Finances are tight and Labour should be ensuring mistakes are kept to a minimum so taxpayers’ money is not wasted fixing problems that could have been avoided in the first place."

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