Local Elections 2018


Our manifesto sets out our positive vision on how we would build a better Haringey through six main priorities, which would give our borough the fresh start it desperately needs. To view our full manifesto click the button above.

Our six main priorities are:


1. Housing

Accelerate the building of council and genuinely affordable homes in Haringey using a wholly council-owned housing company. Protect private tenants by introducing a landlord licensing scheme.


2. Council Tax

To help local residents with the cost of living, we will freeze core Council Tax for the next 4 years. However, where necessary, will raise the social care precept to provide adequate funding for this vital service.


3. Children & Young People

Improve children’s physical and mental health, prioritise the attainment for BAME children, increase apprenticeships and support the transition from primary to secondary school.

Improve the council’s child protection services.


4. Health & Social Care

Ensure that older people are properly cared for in the community including those with dementia.
Create new support centres for people with learning disabilities and provide better support and facilities for all with physical disabilities.

Focus on physical activity in care homes and improved provision of sports and physical activity spaces in the boroughs parks and green spaces.


5. Crime & Communities

Hire extra police officers to tackle violent crime in the borough and prioritise the escalating problem of moped-related crime.
Reintroduce youth and leisure services as a way to divert potential young offenders away from criminal activities.


6. Environment

Give people better alternatives to driving, encourage

walking, cycling, the use of electric vehicles and public transport, bring the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone to Haringey. Make recycling easier and abolish green waste charges.


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