Make Muswell Hill Library accessible with a new lift-say Lib Dem opposition

Lib Dem opposition councillors want to make Muswell Hill Library more accessible by installing a lift.

The Lib Dems have put the proposal forward in their amendments to the council budget, ahead of the budget setting meeting tonight in Wood Green.

The Lib Dems say the Labour-run council should cut back on the multi-million pound budget for consultants and spend £100,000 on a new lift for Muswell Hill Library. The Lib Dems have been campaigning to make the library accessible to disabled, older people and families with pushchairs for years.

The Friends of Muswell Hill Library have also recently launched a petition calling on the council to make improvements to Muswell Hill Library, including a lift to make the building accessible.  

Cllr Gail Engert, Haringey Lib Dem Leader of the Opposition, comments:  

“The Lib Dems want to keep and improve Muswell Hill Library so all local residents can use the building.

“Installing a lift will make a big difference, I remember one local resident who wanted to take her children upstairs to the children’s library and couldn’t because she was in a wheelchair and there was no lift. Public buildings should be accessible to all, there is the space for the lift on the library site and the Lib Dems have found money to pay for it from the Council budget for consultants.  

“The Lib Dems believe that making public buildings more accessible is more important than spending more on consultants."

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