Open letter: Objection to HDV call-in meeting being held in the afternoon

Lib Dem Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Cllr Liz Morris has formally objected to the possibility of the scrutiny meeting to consider the Lib Dem call-in of the HDV being held in the afternoon and not the evening as is usual.

This letter was sent this morning to Cllr Charles Wright, Labour Chair of the Scrutiny Committee and the local press. 

Open letter: Objection to HDV call-in meeting being held in the afternoon

Dear Charles,

I understand that you are considering holding the scrutiny review on the Lib Dem call-in of the Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV) in the afternoon rather than the evening (as is usually the case). I understand the reason for this is officers’ security concerns following the demonstration at the Cabinet meeting where the decision was made to proceed with the HDV.

In the absence of the Leader of the Opposition, I want to make it clear, that whilst the Liberal Democrats acknowledge the security concerns, we strongly believe that holding the call-in meeting during the day, would limit people’s ability to attend the meeting and make deputations.

We believe that it is particularly important that residents can attend the meeting given the very high public interest, the scale of the HDV and the high risks involved. The Liberal Democrats believe that every effort must be made to ensure residents can attend and make deputations.

As you know the Liberal Democrats have been concerned about the HDV from the beginning and were the first to raise concerns about the HDV at the scrutiny panel meetings. We have always argued for more public scrutiny of the HDV.

The council is a democratic institution, not a corporation and must be publicly accountable and not just internally accountable for its actions. I urge you to hold the call-in meeting in the evening. It would be undemocratic not to do so.


Cllr Liz Morris
Lib Dem Deputy Leader of the Opposition

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