“Rat infested bin shed must either be fixed or pulled down” – Muswell Hill Liberal Democrats

The rat infestation on Barrington Road and Ramsey Court is a threat to public health, local Liberal Democrat councillor Julia Ogiehor has warned. Following a visit to the site, she has accused Haringey Council of being negligently slow in responding to the problem. She is now demanding that the authority take decisive action to rid the road of rats.

During her visit, Cllr Ogiehor not only saw the abandoned shed where rats have taken up residence, but also heard how local residents repeatedly reported it to Haringey Council. However, it appears that no one from the local authority answered the phone when they rang.

Local resident Harriet Jaine grew so frustrated by several months of official inactivity, that she posted a video of rats swarming across her street to Facebook. After this was spotted and reported on by multiple newspapers and websites, the Council finally put poison in the bin shed.

Cllr Ogiehor said:

"This infestation made me feel quite literally sick at times. There are rats scurrying everywhere: not only around your feet but also on the roof above your head. Residents have to scoop up decaying rodents on a daily basis – including from the open spaces where their children play.

"The Council’s slow response is unacceptable. This isn’t just unpleasant, it is a health risk. A bit of poison is not a long-term solution. The bin shed either needs to be maintained properly or it needs to be removed.”

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