Councillor willfully deaf to fears of the Jewish community

A statement from Cllr Tammy Palmer, in response to a report in the Jewish Chronicle about comments made by Haringey Labour councillor Noah Tucker:

It is sickening but sadly not surprising to see Cllr Noah Tucker once again arguing for tolerating anti-Semitism within the Labour Party’s ranks and disputing claims that cases of anti-Jewish racism were mishandled by the party.

Clearly Cllr Tucker is wilfully deaf to the genuine concerns of the Jewish community, especially around the rise of anti-Semitic hate crimes in the UK.

He also brings shame on the whole borough of Haringey. We are one of the most diverse and accepting places in the UK. We are lucky to have Jewish friends, neighbours and colleagues. Our Council has repeatedly condemned racism in general and anti-Semitism in particular.

My Liberal Democrat colleagues and I have previously called on Cllr Tucker to resign over his extreme views. Sadly, he does not seem willing to do that. Therefore, it is time for the Labour Party to act. All three candidates for Labour leader have acknowledged that the Party has let the Jewish community down. Sir Keir Starmer has said that “if you deny we’ve got a problem. That’s part of the problem.” By that standard, Cllr Tucker is clearly part of the problem. The solution is for Haringey Labour to expel him.

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