As a result of the 2018 local elections, there are fifteen Liberal Democrat councillors in Haringey across five wards.

Your Lib Dem Councillors are as follows:

Your Councillors by Ward

Liberal Democrat councillors listed by ward. You can find your ward by entering your postcode in the box on the Haringey Council Find my Ward web pages and clicking search.

Alexandra ward

Cllr Nick da Costa, Cllr Josh Dixon and Cllr Alessandra Rossetti

Crouch End ward

Cllr Dawn Barnes, Cllr Luke Cawley-Harrison and Cllr Tammy Palmer

Fortis Green ward

Cllr Sakina Chenot, Cllr Justin Hinchcliffe and Cllr Viv Ross

Highgate ward

Cllr Paul Dennison, Cllr Bob Hare and Cllr Liz Morris

Muswell Hill ward

Cllr Pippa Connor, Cllr Scott Emery and Cllr Julia Ogiehor


Your Councillors by Position




Cllr Luke Cawley-Harrison Crouch End Leader of the Opposition
Cllr Josh Dixon Alexandra Deputy Leader of the Opposition
Spokesperson for Youth, Human Rights & Civil Society
Cllr Julia Ogiehor Muswell Hill Opposition Chief Whip
Spokesperson for Crime, Communities & Equalities
Cllr Paul Dennison Highgate Group Chair
Spokesperson for Finance, Business & Local Investment
Cllr Pippa Connor Muswell Hill Vice-Chair of Overview & Scrutiny Committee
Spokesperson for Health, Social Care & Adults
Cllr Viv Ross Fortis Green Group Dept Chair
Spokesperson for Borough Heritage and Regulations
Cllr Scott Emery Muswell Hill Opposition Dept Whip
Spokesperson for the Environment
Cllr Dawn Barnes Crouch End Spokesperson for Housing, Regeneration and Estate Renewal
Cllr Sakina Chenot Fortis Green Spokesperson for Education
Cllr Nick da Costa Alexandra Spokesperson for Mental Health & Wellbeing
Cllr Bob Hare Highgate Spokesperson for Planning, Parks & Green spaces
Cllr Justin Hinchcliffe Fortis Green Spokesperson for Customer & Civic Services
Cllr Liz Morris Highgate Spokesperson for Transport & Neighbourhoods
Cllr Tammy Palmer Crouch End Spokesperson for Children & Families
Cllr Alessandra Rossetti Alexandra Spokesperson for Arts, Leisure & Culture