Labour Cabinet due to spent nearly £86,000 of public money to rebrand Haringey Council

A Labour Cabinet member is due to agree to spend nearly £86,000 of public money to rebrand Haringey Council next Friday.

This is over £20,000 more than the council was expected to spend on the new logo and branding. 

£20,000 of the money was allocated for a film promoting the borough and £40,000 was spent on employing a brand agency (see page 6 of the report).

Haringey’s Lib Dem opposition have slammed the spending at a time when the council is making cuts to services for vulnerable people and closing children’s centres.

Cllr Gail Engert, Haringey Lib Dem Leader of the Opposition, comments:

“Residents will rightly be outraged that local taxpayers’ money has been spent on this expensive and unnecessary rebranding.

"How can Labour justify spending £40,000 on a brand agency and £20,000 on a video when they are slashing services for the most vulnerable people in the borough? That £86,000 would have been far better spent on children centres or day centres.”

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