Lib Dems lead calls for pavement improvements to Muswell Hill shopping centre

Liberal Democrat councillors in Muswell Hill and Fortis Green have joined forces to call for broken and uneven pavements in Muswell Hill shopping centre to be fixed.


The Lib Dem councillors have asked for the footways on Fortis Green Road and Muswell Hill Broadway to be resurfaced on numerous occasions.  Each time the Labour-run council say the works are not a priority leaving Muswell Hill with uneven and cracked pavements that look bad and are likely to lead to residents tripping rather than shopping.

Martin Newton, Lib Dem councillor for Fortis Green, comments:

“The pavements, particularly on Fortis Green Road are a messy patchwork. They are both unsightly and a trip hazard, especially for those with mobility difficulties.

“Many residents have raised this issue with us and we think there is a good case for resurfacing the footway. It also makes commercial sense as it would help attract more visitors to the area to use the shops and facilities.

“That is why the Lib Dems are launching a campaign to get the footways properly repaired and renewed. We hope that local residents and community groups will support this campaign.”

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