Liberal Democrat proposals voted down

Two progressive Liberal Democrat proposals were voted down by Labour at Full Council.

The first of these proposals was to lobby central government for a pilot scheme of Universal Basic Income (UBI). Similar motions have been passed by over 30 Lib Dem, Green and Labour councils. UBI could help alleviate poverty, opening the door to opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach, and liberate people from the anxiety of job insecurity through a monthly income regardless of employment status, wealth, or marital status. Furthermore, it would prevent the need for short term emergency financial supports in moments of crisis, such as a pandemic or financial crash. UBI would be particularly welcome to millions of people during the pandemic - not least in Haringey, which has the highest growth rate in unemployment in the entire country. Nonetheless, Labour unanimously voted down the motion.


The second proposal was in relation to abolishing the 20% minimum tax payment for those on the council tax reduction scheme. This scheme reduces the amount of council tax paid by those on extremely low incomes, and in some cases removes people from tax entirely. Liberal Democrat run councils such as Kingston and Richmond, and other deprived inner London councils like Southwark and Tower Hamlets, have opted for the latter option, removing all the worst off from paying council tax. However, Haringey forces many residents to pay 20% of their bill, regardless of their ability to pay. Despite the current administration's emphasis on 'fairness', and poverty reduction, they voted down the Lib Dem proposal to abolish this minimum payment.

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