Local Elections 2022


It’s time for change
It’s time for a greener, fairer Haringey


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The Liberal Democrat vision for our borough will put local residents, businesses, and our climate responsibilities, at its heart.

Our four key priorities in the 2022 council elections are as follows:


01 // A green revolution to get Haringey fit for the fight against climate change

Give people better alternatives to driving by making it easier to walk, cycle and use electric vehicles and public transport. Support tree and wildflower planting to encourage biodiversity and cancel Labour's polluting incinerator. Make recycling easier and abolish green waste charges.


02 // Funding our key services and ending Labour’s waste

Stop the £54 million upgrade of council offices, and spend the money on residents' priorities: cash-strapped children's services, mental health, and interventions to stop our youth being sucked into the spiral of violent crime.


03 // A fair recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic

Support residents and businesses in the borough who have been most affected by the pandemic and resulting lockdowns, and ensure we 'build back better' locally. Provide meaningful support for high streets through a carefully targeted recovery fund.


04 // Strengthen local democracy

Putting local residents at the centre of decision making with neighbourhood committees, customer service centres in every town centre and scrapping the undemocratic Leader and Cabinet model which has left your local councillors out of key decisions.


05 // MAY // 2022 
Make your vote count at the council elections this May

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View our candidates   View our manifesto