Thousands Wasted On Illegal Council Propaganda



Haringey Liberal Democrats have written to the Minister for Local Government, asking him to review the council’s ‘Haringey People’ magazine. Government guidelines (the Code of Practice for Local Authority Publicity) state that councils may send out magazines to residents no more often than quarterly, but Haringey People goes out six times per year, at a cost of over £20,000 per issue.

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Haringey worst council in London for complaints

Research from the Evening Standard has shown that Haringey had 27 complaints to the ombudsman upheld last year -  the highest number of any council in London. It included one case involving a family threatened with homelessness, where the ombudsman said officers “were unaware of current law or your own procedures, or had chosen to disregard them.”

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Waiting list for bike hangars tops 6,000



Research released on 19th July has shown that Haringey has a waiting list of over 6,000 for on-street bike hangars. Meanwhile, current capacity stands at a measly 840 spaces. The council’s draft walking and cycling action plan, which came to cabinet in February, outlined the need for more bike hangars, but only targeted an extra 50 per year, and failed to provide funding for any at all.

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Haringey To Join End Our Cladding Scandal Campaign



A Liberal Democrat motion asking Haringey to join the End Our Cladding Scandal campaign was passed unanimously at last night’s meeting of Full Council. It was agreed that the council should lobby the government to fund greater cladding remediation, and would work with private building owners and Housing Associations to help them rectify issues with cladding.

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Haringey failing on sustainable transport



Data released yesterday by the Healthy Streets Scorecard has shown that Haringey is one of just four London boroughs where the proportion of journeys using sustainable transport (walking, cycling, public transport) has decreased since 2019. The borough also had the joint largest increase in the number of cars per household over the past two years. This is despite Haringey having received over £1 million in TfL Streetspace funding, more than any other borough except Camden.

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Tree petition launched



Liberal Democrats in Haringey have launched a petition, asking the council to plant more trees.

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Lib Dems launch tennis survey


Liberal Democrats in Haringey have launched a survey, asking residents their views on changes to council-run tennis courts.

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