Reopen parliament so it can debate domestic violence law before more people die

A 30% jump in domestic violence-related homicides shows parliament must be allowed to legislate to protect victims argues Tammy Palmer, Haringey councillor and Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Tottenham.

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Brexit to blame for unsafe hospitals

Stop Brexit to save the NHS, says Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate, Cllr Dawn Barnes, in response to reports in the Observer that seven in ten NHS hospital trusts (including the North Middlesex University Hospital trust) are not meeting official safety standards.

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Dawn Barnes backs revoking Article 50

Dawn Barnes (centre) and Tammy Palmer (2nd from left - Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Tottenham) protesting against the Government's Brexit policy 

Dawn Barnes, Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Hornsey & Wood Green, will campaign for an immediate end to Brexit. She has thrown her support behind Jo Swinson’s announcement that a Lib Dem majority government would revoke Article 50.

Dawn Barnes argues that revocation is the fastest way to provide stability to those facing an uncertain future if Britain leaves the European Union.

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“Rat infested bin shed must either be fixed or pulled down” – Muswell Hill Liberal Democrats

The rat infestation on Barrington Road and Ramsey Court is a threat to public health, local Liberal Democrat councillor Julia Ogiehor has warned. Following a visit to the site, she has accused Haringey Council of being negligently slow in responding to the problem. She is now demanding that the authority take decisive action to rid the road of rats.

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CCTV blindspot in Highgate to be fixed thanks to a two-year campaign by Lib Dem councillors

Cllr Liz Morris with members of Highgate's local police team

CCTV cameras will soon begin appearing in Highgate for the first time. It is currently the only ward in Haringey without any cameras operated by the Council. However, a campaign by the ward’s Liberal Democrat councillors has forced the Council to relent. One of its representatives recently wrote to Cllr Liz Morris to confirm that they would begin installing a batch of new cameras from the beginning of next year and intend to sight a number in Highgate.

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Change law to clamp down on vehicle idling

Haringey Council is to back a bill that would increase the fines for leaving vehicles idling and make it easier to levy fines, thanks to an intervention from a local Liberal Democrat councillor.

At a Full Council meeting on July 15th, Cllr Scott Emery (Muswell Hill – LD) called on Haringey Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, Cllr Kirsten Hearn (Stroud Green – Lab), to write a joint letter to the Secretary of State for the Environment supporting the Vehicles Emissions (Idling Penalties) Bill. This is a private members bill put forward by the Hon Wera Hobhouse, who is MP for Bath and Liberal Democrat spokesperson on the Environment and Climate Change, to “increase penalties for stationary vehicle idling offences; to grant local authorities increased powers to issue such penalties.”

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Haringey backs LGBT+ inclusive education (and vows not to let protests disrupt schools)

Haringey Councillors last night resolved to use any legal measures within their power to support a national education curriculum that included teaching about LGBT+ families and relationships, and vowed not to tolerate the kind of aggressive and homophobic protests that have targeted schools in Birmingham.

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