Latin Market: Cross-party review finds Council failed traders

Haringey Council repeatedly mishandled the redevelopment of the Latin Market at Seven Sisters and in the process likely breached its equalities obligations, according to a damning report published today by its own Overview & Scrutiny Committee.

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Four Haringey schools not inspected for over a decade

Long gaps between inspections are threatening standards in Haringey schools, warn Liberal Democrat councillors. They have blamed the government policy of exempting schools that were rated 'outstanding' in their last inspection from routine inspections.

Muswell Hill Primary School was last inspected in December 2006, almost thirteen years ago. Rhodes Avenue, St James and Belmont were also last inspected over a decade ago. Whilst, Alexandra Park and Fortismere have not been inspected since 2011.

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Warm words won’t cool our planet

Responding to the motion on climate change passed by Labour conference on Tuesday 24th September, Tammy Palmer, councillor and Lib Dem campaigner for Tottenham, said that:

“Here in Haringey, we have seen how Labour deals with the environment. They prefer making bold sounding statements to taking action. In March, at the same meeting where Haringey’s Labour councillors voted to declare climate change was an emergency, they also voted down Lib Dem proposals to roll out School Streets and force developers to produce more renewable energy locally. They want the credit for saying the right things. But they won’t pay the political price for actually making the changes necessary to fight Climate Change”.

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All Labour is offering on Brexit is more confusion

In response to news that delegates at Labour conference have sided with Jeremy Corbyn and refused to back staying in the EU, Dawn Barnes, Councillor and Lib Dem parliamentary campaigner for Hornsey & Wood Green, said that:

“We know that after all the uncertainty Brexit has created, people want clarity. Yet this week definitively proves all Labour will offer is more confusion.

“Corbyn has happily taken the votes of remainers, but he is desperate not to give us a voice. Only the Liberal Democrats have a clear commitment to Stop Brexit by revoking Article 50 if we win an election.”

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This judgement shows a Prime Minister cannot waive away parliament if it doesn’t bend to his will

Speaking in response to the unanimous ruling by the Supreme Court that the Prime Ministers decision to suspend parliament was unlawful and void, Tammy Palmer, councillor and Lib Dem parliamentary campaigner for Tottenham, said that:

“There are lots of reasons to welcome this decision. It means MPs can get on with passing the Domestic Abuse bill, scrutinise ministers and hold the government to account on Brexit. But even more important is what it represents: it shows that even the Government must follow the law and that a Prime Minister cannot waive away parliament if it doesn’t bend to his will. The Brexit crisis has strained our democracy, but this judgement shows it has not broken it”.

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Clear the fog around Haringey Council’s finances

Haringey Council needs to be more open about how it spends taxpayers' money says Dawn Barnes, councillor and Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Hornsey & Wood Green.

The call comes after a recent investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism found that Haringey Council has been removing key information from documents designed by law to give public transparency about how taxpayers' money is spent. When the journalists used the law to request a copy of a contract with a property developer, the council blanked out entire pages.

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Budget black hole strengthens the case for scrapping Green Waste charges

Haringey Council has been forced to admit that Labour’s decision to charge residents to dispose of Green Waste is failing to raise the money they had anticipated.

A report presented at a meeting of the Council’s September Cabinet, showed that the revenue from Green Waste charges has fallen £200,000 short of the levels projected prompting fresh calls from Liberal Democrats for the charge to be scrapped.

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