Why the delay in acting on empty homes?

An open letter from Cllr Dawn Barnes

It cannot be right that there are nearly 2,000 homes empty in Haringey when so many people desperately need homes. Therefore, I am glad that Haringey Council has decided that it will start to use Empty Dwelling Management Orders (EDMOs) as a tool to bring them back into use.

The power to issue EDMOs has been available since 2006, yet the Labour councillors who run Haringey Council have until now refused to use this power, even though the problems of homelessness and empty properties are hardly new.

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Haringey says no to facial recognition surveillance

Councillors have voted to tell the Government, Met and Mayor of London to keep live facial recognition out of Haringey.

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Tackle racial inequality, miseducation and disadvantage in school system

Two Lib Dem councillors from Haringey are supporting a major new campaign to redress racial bias in education.

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Coronavirus Update (3rd July 2020)

Our fortnightly update for the 3rd July includes:

  1. Haringey & London Response Update
    1. Update on COVID-19 "spike" in Haringey
    2. Haringey's Outbreak Management Plan
    3. Reopening Haringey's Sports Courts
    4. Businesses urged to keep following COVID-19 guidance
    5. Haringey businesses warned over COVID-19 testing scam
    6. Update on Libraries
    7. Support for those at risk of domestic abuse
    8. Reminder that Parking Enforcement set to resume imminently
    9. Congestion Charge changes
    10. Celebrating Haringey's unsung Heroes
    11. Local Food Banks still require urgent donations
    12. Volunteering opportunities for local residents
    13. Telephone befriending service
  2. Our Haringey Giving appeal
  3. How you can contact us
  4. National Response Update
    1. Changes to lockdown - from 4 July
    2. Updated social distancing guidance - from 4 July
    3. Shielding update - including translations and accessible formats
    4. New legislation set to be passed by Government for outside dining
    5. The NHS is open to support you
    6. Marie Curie Bereavement support
    7. MOT testing to be reintroduced
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Haringey Lib Dems choose new leader

Luke Cawley-Harrison is the new Leader of Haringey Liberal Democrats.

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First Indian MP should be commemorated in Muswell Hill

Haringey should honour Sir Dadabhai Naoroji MP, generally considered to be the first Indian and non-white person elected to the House of Commons, according to opposition Lib Dem councillors.

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Labour infighting means no one is in charge of libraries, leisure centres or emergency planning

A delay of two weeks and counting in appointing a key Cabinet position is creating a leadership vacuum at a crucial time, warn Haringey Lib Dem councillors.

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