Haringey’s £300k finger-licking funding of chicken restaurant criticised by Liberal Democrats

Haringey Liberal Democrats have attacked the local Labour-run Council following the decisions to award a chicken restaurant £300,000 in grants and loans and allow a listed building in Tottenham to be used for the new restaurant.

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Labour council spends £56m on consultants, interims and agency staff in just 2 years

Labour-run Haringey Council’s massive £56m bill for consultants, interims and agency staff has been uncovered by Haringey Liberal Democrats. In just 2 years the Labour-run council in North London and its housing arm, Homes for Haringey (HFH) spent £9.7m on interim staff, £38.1m on agency staff and £8.3m on consultants.

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Labour are not doing enough to support community centres

Haringey Liberal Democrats have criticised the Labour-run for not providing enough support for local community centres. Some centres in the borough are having their funding cut or are being asked to pay more rent which they are struggling to find.

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Local Labour MP fails to vote against welfare cuts which will hit thousands of local residents

Local Labour MP Catherine West failed to vote against controversial welfare cuts which are estimated to affect 16,500 residents in Haringey.

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Haringey Lib Dem Leader pays tribute to Cllr George Meehan

Cllr Gail Engert, Haringey Lib Dem Leader of the Opposition, pays tribute to Cllr George Meehan who died yesterday after serving as a local councillor for forty years.

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Lib Dems voice concerns over ward budget plan costs

Cllr Gail Engert attended the recent Haringey Cabinet Member signing on ward budgets to express the Lib Dem concerns about the costs of the plans. Ward budgets will cost the taxpayer almost three times as much as Area Forums.

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Lib Dem motion calls on council to oppose Government policy on housing association homes

Haringey Lib Dems have submitted a motion calling on the council to oppose the forced sell-off of council housing to pay for the Right-to-Buy scheme for housing association tenants

The motion will be discussed at the next meeting of Haringey Council on Monday 20th July. 

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