Forgotten businesses need urgent help from the Government


Numerous local businesses are in danger because they are unable to access government funding and rates relief during the COVID-19 crisis warn Liberal Democrat councillors in Haringey.

Haringey Lib Dem Leader Cllr Liz Morris has written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government asking that financial help is extended to businesses in shared premises and businesses whose landlords are the business rate payer, all of whom are currently excluded from accessing grants and help with business rates.

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Coronavirus Update (17th Apr 2020)


Our 17th April COVID-19 update below contains:

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  2. Lib Dem Councillors Response Update
  3. Haringey Response Update
    1. Violence Against Women and Young Girls (VAWG)
    2. Changes to waste collection times
    3. Free Adult Learning in Haringey
    4. Haringey businesses who can deliver to residents
    5. Urgent Blood Donations needed
    6. Carer Job Opportunities
    7. Donations needed
    8. Local Food Banks in urgent need
    9. Volunteering opportunities
  4. National Response Update
    1. New Govt Action Plan for Social Care
    2. Advice from Cancer Research
    3. Ofqual launch consultation on grading student qualifications
    4. New babies and registering for Child Benefit
    5. Furloughed or income reduced? You may now be eligible for Child Benefit
    6. Employees on furlough - eligibility date extended
    7. Carry over unused annual leave for up to two years due to COVID-19
    8. Self-Employed? Important tax deadline on 23rd Apr
    9. Creative Industries support
    10. Cancelled Flight and Holiday advice
    11. Resources for Families
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Coronavirus Update (10th Apr 2020)


Our 10th April Easter update contains:

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  2. Lib Dem Councillors Response Update
  3. Haringey Response Update
    1. Bulky waste collections - update
    2. Planning applications - update
    3. Parks
    4. Donations needed
    5. Local Food Banks in urgent need
    6. Volunteering opportunities
  4. National Response Update
    1. Free School meals to continue over the Easter Holidays
    2. Education advice for parents and carers from the National Education Union
    3. Energy providers - paying your bills
    4. TV, Internet & mobile providers
    5. Tax payments - Updated Guidance
    6. VAT deferrals - Updated Guidance
    7. Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme - Updated Guidance
    8. Job Retention Scheme - Updated Guidance
    9. Furlough - additional advice
    10. Pregnany and maternity leave rights and benefits
    11. Visa & immigration - new advice
    12. How to care for your pets during the Covid-19 crisis
    13. SCAM: email about over-75s TV Licenses
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Lib Dems call for energy saving scheme to be extended to 15,000 local homes amidst Covid-19 crisis


The Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government to extend a scheme that saves £140 on energy bills to households struggling due to the coronavirus, helping an estimated 15,000 housholds across Haringey.

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Coronavirus Update (3rd Apr 2020)


The 3rd April update below includes the following new information:

  1. Lib Dem Councillors Response Update
  2. Haringey Response Update
    1. Connected Communities
    2. Recycling and refuse collections
    3. Business support in Haringey
    4. Latest Police update and how to report an incident
    5. NHS North Central London (NCL) Update
    6. Construction sites who flout social distancing guidelines
    7. New care workers urgently needed
    8. Donations
    9. Local Food Banks
    10. Volunteering opportunities
  3. National Response Update
    1. Thames Water Flexible Payment Plans
    2. Free School Meals voucher scheme for children at home
    3. Domestic violence
    4. Welfare response to Covid-19
    5. Renters and landlords
    6. Information on Covid-19 for non-UK nationals
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Government should step in to pay council tax in face of coronavirus threat

The Liberal Democrats are calling on Government to pick up the bill for council tax payments in order to ease the financial pressure people are facing as a result of the coronavirus.

According to the Liberal Democrats, their proposals would save residents in Haringey an average of almost £400 the next three months.

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Government must provide Haringey funding to house all local rough sleepers

The Liberal Democrats have today called on the Government to “equip Haringey with the financial resources needed” to accommodate all rough sleepers locally.
The call comes in response to reports that the Government has written to local councils asking them to find homes for all rough sleepers by the weekend to protect them from the coronavirus outbreak.

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