Haringey Lib Dems choose new leader

Luke Cawley-Harrison is the new Leader of Haringey Liberal Democrats.

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First Indian MP should be commemorated in Muswell Hill

Haringey should honour Sir Dadabhai Naoroji MP, generally considered to be the first Indian and non-white person elected to the House of Commons, according to opposition Lib Dem councillors.

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Labour infighting means no one is in charge of libraries, leisure centres or emergency planning

A delay of two weeks and counting in appointing a key Cabinet position is creating a leadership vacuum at a crucial time, warn Haringey Lib Dem councillors.

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Passing on the baton as Leader of Haringey Lib Dems . A statement from Cllr Liz Morris


After two years as Leader of the Haringey Lib Dem Council Group, and three years as the Group’s Deputy Leader before that, next month I will be stepping down as Leader of the Opposition in Haringey. I have made this decision now as family reasons have made it increasingly difficult for me to balance the additional responsibilities being Group Leader brings.

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Haringey to miss homebuilding target

Labour councillors in Haringey have admitted they will not achieve their flagship housing goal. They had committed to delivering 1000 extra council houses by the local elections in May 2022. However, figures presented to a Cabinet meeting on the 16th June suggested it is likely they will only have managed 200 by then. The Cabinet Member responsible presented this shortfall as a result of the disruption of the construction sector by Covid-19 and downplayed signficance of the target by claiming that "all dates are arbitary".

However, this coronavirus link has been called into doubt by Liberal Democrat councillors. At the Cabinet meeting, Cllr Pippa Connor (LD – Muswell Hill) drew attention to Council papers claiming on the one hand that the lockdown would create delays of “six months or more” but also that the target would still not have been met by May 2023, a full year after the original deadline.

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Coronavirus Update (19th June 2020)

Our fortnightly update for the 19th June includes:

  1. Our Haringey Giving appeal
  2. Haringey & London Response Update
    1. Parking enforcement set to resume imminently
    2. Haringey's Discretionary Grant Fund
    3. Safer Streets for walking and cycling, and supporting local businesses
    4. Staying safe during Black Lives Matter protests
    5. Haringey Council's guide for safely reopening businesses
    6. Shop safely, shop locally
    7. Help keep our streets clean during COVID-19
    8. A new FREE Mental Health Crisis Helpline 0300 0200 500
    9. Celebrating Haringey's unsung Heroes
    10. Local Food Banks still require urgent donations
    11. Volunteering opportunities for local residents
    12. Telephone befriending service
  3. How you can contact us
  4. National Response Update
    1. Single adult households can now form a 'support bubble'
    2. Face coverings to become mandatory on public transport
    3. NHS Test and Trace
    4. NHS Test and Trace - how to report a scam
    5. Flexible Furloughing from 1 July
    6. Self-Employment Income Support Scheme - new guidance
    7. Help for parents
    8. Ban on evictions extended
    9. Fire safety advice for businesses
    10. Places of worship
    11. Support for the bereaved
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To rebuild trust the Met must respect protestors

The Metropolitan Police Service must avoid cracking down on overwhelmingly peaceful Black Lives Matter protests and address other concerns black Londoners have with policing in the capital, Liberal Democrat councillors in Haringey have told Met Commissioner Cressida Dick in an open letter.

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