Haringey Council should set an example on disposable plastic says Lib Dem Councillor

Haringey Lib Dem Cllrs Scott Emery & Luke Cawley-Harrison calling for a new charge on disposable plastic cups

Haringey Liberal Democrats are calling for the Council to lead by example, and stop encouraging the use of disposable plastic items.

Cllr Scott Emery, Haringey Lib Dem spokesperson on the Environment, has written to Cllr Hearn, Cabinet Member for the Environment, proposing that the Council should begin charging 25p for disposable cups and promote reusable alternatives on its premises.

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Wightman Road must be made safe and welcoming for pedestrians and cyclists say Haringey Lib Dems

Cyclist and cars on Wightman Road, Haringey

Haringey Council has recently consulted on plans for major changes to Wightman Road. The proposals included:

  1. pavement parking being replaced with on-street parking
  2. the creation of so called ‘informal’ crossings for pedestrians
  3. the removal of ‘pedestrians islands’ that create ‘pinch points’ where cyclists can be forced under the wheels of cars.

However, local Lib Dems are warning that more drastic changes are required before Wightman Road is pedestrian and bike friendly.

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Haringey Lib Dems secure boost for low paid council workers


Haringey Liberal Democrats are celebrating after getting cross-party support for a motion to ensure that all Haringey Council’s workers will be paid the London Living Wage. The motion was unanimously adopted by a meeting of Haringey’s Full Council on the evening of Monday 16th July.

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Lib Dems call for independent investigation in light of safety issues at Broadwater Farm


It has been confirmed that eleven of the twelve blocks on the Broadwater Farm Estate have failed structural tests carried out to see if the buildings would be able to withstand explosive force. These tests were undertaken following the events at Grenfell which led to the deaths of over 70 people.

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Lib Dem councillor welcomes recommendation to reject Woodland Gardens planning application


A meeting of Haringey Council’s Planning sub-committee has recommend that the Planning Inspectorate for England and Wales rejects an application to demolish a historic home on Woodland Gardens and replace it with a modernist development at odds with the architecture of the rest of the street.

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Residents’ and local councillors’ plea to protect unique street in Muswell Hill


Muswell Hill residents have called on the Council to refuse plans that could threaten the unique character of one of the rare Edwardian streets in Muswell Hill.

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Haringey Lib Dems choose new leadership team


Liz Morris and Josh Dixon are the new Leader and Deputy Leader of Haringey Liberal Democrats.

Haringey Liberal Democrats have announced their new Leader and Deputy Leader following their Annual General Meeting on Wednesday night (16th May).

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