Labour-run council introduces new charges for garden waste (£75 a year)

Haringey street lined with bins

Many residents have received a flyer from the Labour-run council about new charges for garden waste (£75 a year) explaining that households will also have to take a new garden waste wheelie bin.

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Call for sprinklers in all of Haringey’s tall buildings & schools following Grenfell Tower tragedy


Last night, Haringey Lib Dem councillors, proposed additional fire safety measures, including sprinklers for tall buildings and schools in the borough. The opposition councillors put forward the proposals after discovering that some tall buildings in Haringey do not have sprinkler systems fitted.

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Open letter: Objection to HDV call-in meeting being held in the afternoon

Lib Dem Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Cllr Liz Morris has formally objected to the possibility of the scrutiny meeting to consider the Lib Dem call-in of the HDV being held in the afternoon and not the evening as is usual.

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£2bn HDV regeneration: Lib Dems force a review

Lib Dem councillors have forced a review of the decision by Haringey’s Labour Cabinet to press ahead with controversial plans for a £2bn privatisation of public property. The HDV is believed to by far the largest joint venture between a council and a developer in the country.

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Lib Dem call to halt Highgate Library sale rejected by Labour dominated scrutiny committee

Last night, Lib Dem opposition councillors forced a review of the decision by Haringey’s Labour Cabinet to sell-off Highgate Library.

At a meeting of Haringey Council’s scrutiny committee, Lib Dem councillor for Highgate, Clive Carter, argued the Labour Cabinet should reconsider the ‘in-principle’ decision made on 20th June to sell Highgate Library and move the library service to Jacksons Lane Art Centre.

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97% of homes in Haringey could be affected by Conservative social care plans

Theresa May's planned changes to social care could see people forced to pay for their entire care cost until they reach their last £100,000 of assets, potentially affecting 97% of homeowners in Haringey. 

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NHS in Haringey could lose over 300 EU staff because of Brexit

The NHS in Haringey could lose 333 staff from the EU as a result of Theresa May's extreme version of Brexit, the Liberal Democrats have warned.

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