This judgement shows a Prime Minister cannot waive away parliament if it doesn’t bend to his will

Speaking in response to the unanimous ruling by the Supreme Court that the Prime Ministers decision to suspend parliament was unlawful and void, Tammy Palmer, councillor and Lib Dem parliamentary campaigner for Tottenham, said that:

“There are lots of reasons to welcome this decision. It means MPs can get on with passing the Domestic Abuse bill, scrutinise ministers and hold the government to account on Brexit. But even more important is what it represents: it shows that even the Government must follow the law and that a Prime Minister cannot waive away parliament if it doesn’t bend to his will. The Brexit crisis has strained our democracy, but this judgement shows it has not broken it”.

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Clear the fog around Haringey Council’s finances

Haringey Council needs to be more open about how it spends taxpayers' money says Dawn Barnes, councillor and Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Hornsey & Wood Green.

The call comes after a recent investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism found that Haringey Council has been removing key information from documents designed by law to give public transparency about how taxpayers' money is spent. When the journalists used the law to request a copy of a contract with a property developer, the council blanked out entire pages.

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Budget black hole strengthens the case for scrapping Green Waste charges

Haringey Council has been forced to admit that Labour’s decision to charge residents to dispose of Green Waste is failing to raise the money they had anticipated.

A report presented at a meeting of the Council’s September Cabinet, showed that the revenue from Green Waste charges has fallen £200,000 short of the levels projected prompting fresh calls from Liberal Democrats for the charge to be scrapped.

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Reopen parliament so it can debate domestic violence law before more people die

A 30% jump in domestic violence-related homicides shows parliament must be allowed to legislate to protect victims argues Tammy Palmer, Haringey councillor and Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Tottenham.

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Brexit to blame for unsafe hospitals

Stop Brexit to save the NHS, says Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate, Cllr Dawn Barnes, in response to reports in the Observer that seven in ten NHS hospital trusts (including the North Middlesex University Hospital trust) are not meeting official safety standards.

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Dawn Barnes backs revoking Article 50

Dawn Barnes (centre) and Tammy Palmer (2nd from left - Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Tottenham) protesting against the Government's Brexit policy 

Dawn Barnes, Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Hornsey & Wood Green, will campaign for an immediate end to Brexit. She has thrown her support behind Jo Swinson’s announcement that a Lib Dem majority government would revoke Article 50.

Dawn Barnes argues that revocation is the fastest way to provide stability to those facing an uncertain future if Britain leaves the European Union.

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“Rat infested bin shed must either be fixed or pulled down” – Muswell Hill Liberal Democrats

The rat infestation on Barrington Road and Ramsey Court is a threat to public health, local Liberal Democrat councillor Julia Ogiehor has warned. Following a visit to the site, she has accused Haringey Council of being negligently slow in responding to the problem. She is now demanding that the authority take decisive action to rid the road of rats.

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