Nick Clegg urges voters in Hornsey & Wood Green to vote Lib Dem

Nick Clegg visited the Hornsey & Wood Green constituency on 16th May to support the Lib Dem candidate Dawn Barnes. 

Nick Clegg with Dawn Barnes and Lynne Featherstone in Muswell Hill

Mr Clegg talked to local business about Brexit and the impact on local small businesses. He then gave a speech outside Planet Organic in Muswell Hill urging local voters to back Dawn Barnes and the Lib Dems to fight a hard Brexit. He argued that only the Lib Dems can change Britain's future.

Giving Dawn Barnes his backing, and criticising Labour on Brexit Nick Clegg said:

“Leaving the EU is diametrically opposite to what young people want and the Labour Party has chosen to let them down by voting with the Conservatives and Ukip.

“It’s really shocking that Labour doesn’t have the courage of its own convictions to give the people a say on their future. Labour have thrown the towel in on Brexit."

Dawn Barnes, the Lib Dem candidate said:

“My party is the only party supporting the freedom of movement of people. The only party that would like to stay in the EU."

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