Residents Reject Local CPZ Proposals



Alexandra's Lib Dem councillors will make it clear to the council that they cannot press ahead with the scheme, following an overwhelming response from residents against the proposals.

The Labour Cabinet had previously signed off on proposals for a CPZ consultation for a scheme to be known as ‘Alexandra West’. This consultation concluded on January 21st - after an extension was granted after Lib Dem requests.

After the consultation concluded, councillors for Alexandra ward were provided with the following initial results:

  • The consultation had a response rate of 43%, which meets the threshold needed to progress
  • Of the roads consulted, none reached the minimum threshold of 51% in favour of parking controls to be introduced

Clearly, the widespread opposition councillors felt during the consultation has been borne out through the initial results.

The council will still need to conduct a proper in-depth analysis of results which will happen over the coming weeks and months. They will then brief councillors on their recommendations on how to proceed.

However, now we know that not a single road voted to support the proposals, Alexandra ward councillors will be making it clear to the council that this scheme cannot proceed.

They will continue to press the Labour council for information on what happens next and will keep residents posted as soon as they know more.

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