Warm words won’t cool our planet

Responding to the motion on climate change passed by Labour conference on Tuesday 24th September, Tammy Palmer, councillor and Lib Dem campaigner for Tottenham, said that:

“Here in Haringey, we have seen how Labour deals with the environment. They prefer making bold sounding statements to taking action. In March, at the same meeting where Haringey’s Labour councillors voted to declare climate change was an emergency, they also voted down Lib Dem proposals to roll out School Streets and force developers to produce more renewable energy locally. They want the credit for saying the right things. But they won’t pay the political price for actually making the changes necessary to fight Climate Change”.

Dawn Barnes, councillor and Lib Dem campaigner for Hornsey & Wood Green, said that:

“Party conference season has made it very clear which party is serious about climate change. Labour’s new policy is less than a side of A4 long. By contrast, Lib Dem conference passed a policy paper which explains in detail how Britain will reach net-zero emissions. A Lib Dem government would create a Green Investment Bank, stop airport expansion and plant 60 million trees”.

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